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Aurora - The street that wanted to be a river

If the streets could talk, what would they say?
Aurora is a sad and lonely street in a big city. On a day of heavy rain, she remembers her journey and dreams about the future and asks herself: is it possible for a street to die?


About the production process

The short film was selected by the 2019 "Histories of the neighborhoods of São Paulo" and mixes animation techniques such as atopmotion and 2D


Participation in festivals

We have participated in more than 120 festivals around the world, accumulating more than 20 awards and honorable mentions.


Discover our social networks

On our Instagram you have access to the technical details of the complete team, awards from the film.


Film credits

Complete team

Direction & Screenplay

Radhi Meron


Original Voice

Priscila Paes


Animation Direction

Ivanildo Soares


Executive production

Letícia Yabá

Gabriel Arruda



Gabriel Arruda


Original Soundtrack

Rodrigo YAY!


StoryBoard and Concept art - art direction

Eryk Souza


Art Team

Eryk Souza

Ana Rangel

Amanda Daphne

Breno Machado

Josi Reis

Luisa Brockman


2D animation

Amanda Borges Leite

Bruna Santana

Danila Ribeiro

Fernanda Belo

Helen Okuma

Ivanildo Soares

Luciana Ferreira Yamana

Samia Harumi

Stefany Hibrain

Stephanie de Oliveira

Victor Bolo


Stop Motion

Thais Arruda

Vinícius Paes

Jerê Nunes



Guilherme Pires



Felipe Salles


Motion Effects

Priscila Assunção


Sound Editing and Mixing

Alandson Silva



Elirone Rosa



Sabrina Martins (Sabiá)

Camila Kater

Miss Alice

Antony Carrinho


Split Films

Sid Makino

Belisa Proença

José Guilhermo

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