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Projects in development

These are the projects I am currently developing as a director and screenwriter.



Crumbs (Feito pra doer)

Animated short film - duration 15' - dramatic comedy.

After receiving a frightening medical diagnosis, Ramona is trapped in her gynecologist's elevator with a moody pre-teen. Over time, the two discover a great pain in common.

Arts by Amanda Trindade


Handwriting (Letra de mão)

Short film - 10' - Drama

After a common accident, an experienced teacher loses her ability to read and write. With no other way to support herself, she has to fool everyone at the school where she works while looking for a cure - or a reason - for her problem.



Doodle Girls (Garota Rabisco)

Animated series - Slice of life - Comedy

What would you do if you couldn't control your fitness? A pre
Insecure teenager tries to fit in at a new school while dealing with
with a very particular condition: your body changes size, gender
and form without her being able to control it.


Grandma Nana's Fantastic Laboratory

Animation series - Preschool - Educational and comedy

Grandma Nana is a retired engineer who loves transforming the farm's kitchen into an improvised laboratory, and entertaining her three curious grandchildren.

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